Wednesday, November 22, 2006


مصري و كاتب علي النعش
اني بكل بساطة منفعش
حتي اني أكون
متشعبط في أحلي عيون
لان حروفي مدفوسة في بطن الحارة
مغموسة بكل غناوي الجوع
محشورة في دنيا الأتوبيس
كان لازم أخرج عن كل وقار الفصحي وشغل الاتيكيت
وأشوفك من كشك جرايدي
وانتي بتستني أي عريس
لوحة تافهة تمنها قروش
لوننسي المكياج و المونتاج
كان كل زواق اللهفة يبوش
كان نفسي تشوفي ازاي الليل اتغمي في بار ستلا

Monday, November 20, 2006

If I were not Egyptian..........

Of course u know this famous slogan for Mostafa Kamel, the great patriotic leader in the begining of the 20th century.

لو لم أكن مصريا لوددت أن أكون مصريا

Mostafa Kamel said these words before travelling abroad. I don't know whether he was asked after his return, if he still believes in these words or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really very comic..and very very painful too. I tried this many times. ask anyone of ur friends, ur family or whoever u meet..Do u love Egypt?
the first response u will get, whatever the answer, is a very painful smile!! and for those who said yes, they tried to justify their answer although it's just a yes/no question and i did not ask for any justifications. may be they tried to be convincing because they feel I'll start to attack them!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


عقدت مع شيطاني اتفاق
كي نعيش سويا في وفاق
فتهلل فرحا و بشرني
بالراحة الأبدية من هذا العراك
لكنه اشترط علي التحلي بالنفاق


Sunday, November 12, 2006

feel happy? then u should act stupid!!

Al Ahly won yesterday the African cup. i was really very happy although i'm not an ahly fan, but i think i had this patriotic fever last night. i screemed after AboTrika's goal that i made my little sister wake up.
I was happy till the celebrations began. then unfortuantely i began to think!!
i remembered what happnened in last february after we won the African Cup of Nations (God, girls were dancing in the middle of the streets!!). I remembered what happened in downtown in Eid El Fetr (and many other Eid's but it was not spotlighted as this one). i remembered what happened in the celebrations of the millenium. i remembered what happens everyday in the streets celebrating a new couple. As if it became a rule in Egypt, "I'm happy ,then it's an enough reason to act stupid. I won't let the chance".

I remembered my best freind's engagement party. the couple wanted to be happy in their own way (their own polite way i mean..and i think it's their own right!!), but what the hell are u thinking of guys?! how could u let this chance out of ur hands?! shouldn't we act stupid when we are happy?! how could we pass a night like that without hearing the number one song in Egypt "el 3enab". what else could the poor guy do except letting stupidity preveals?!

TOZ feyya, w TOZ f sa7bi

el mohem...El 3enab