Sunday, November 12, 2006

feel happy? then u should act stupid!!

Al Ahly won yesterday the African cup. i was really very happy although i'm not an ahly fan, but i think i had this patriotic fever last night. i screemed after AboTrika's goal that i made my little sister wake up.
I was happy till the celebrations began. then unfortuantely i began to think!!
i remembered what happnened in last february after we won the African Cup of Nations (God, girls were dancing in the middle of the streets!!). I remembered what happened in downtown in Eid El Fetr (and many other Eid's but it was not spotlighted as this one). i remembered what happened in the celebrations of the millenium. i remembered what happens everyday in the streets celebrating a new couple. As if it became a rule in Egypt, "I'm happy ,then it's an enough reason to act stupid. I won't let the chance".

I remembered my best freind's engagement party. the couple wanted to be happy in their own way (their own polite way i mean..and i think it's their own right!!), but what the hell are u thinking of guys?! how could u let this chance out of ur hands?! shouldn't we act stupid when we are happy?! how could we pass a night like that without hearing the number one song in Egypt "el 3enab". what else could the poor guy do except letting stupidity preveals?!

TOZ feyya, w TOZ f sa7bi

el mohem...El 3enab



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