Monday, November 20, 2006

If I were not Egyptian..........

Of course u know this famous slogan for Mostafa Kamel, the great patriotic leader in the begining of the 20th century.

لو لم أكن مصريا لوددت أن أكون مصريا

Mostafa Kamel said these words before travelling abroad. I don't know whether he was asked after his return, if he still believes in these words or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really very comic..and very very painful too. I tried this many times. ask anyone of ur friends, ur family or whoever u meet..Do u love Egypt?
the first response u will get, whatever the answer, is a very painful smile!! and for those who said yes, they tried to justify their answer although it's just a yes/no question and i did not ask for any justifications. may be they tried to be convincing because they feel I'll start to attack them!!!!!!!!!!!!



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